Aug 242011

The Berkeley Center for Green Chemistry (linked to the University of California at Berkeley) studies green (and feasible) alternatives to chemical products trying to reach the sustainable development and to help the development of a green economy. They define “green chemistry as the design, production and use of chemical products that: Use raw materials in a sustainable, […]

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Feb 092010

Wal-Mart established in 1962 by Sam Walton has become one of the biggest companies in the American market, being responsible for almost 2% of its GDP.  Having business in 15 countries – including Brazil – over 8,400 stores and more than 2 million employees, it is also one of the biggest companies in the world. In 2009, […]

Jan 302010

In a 2009 International Finance Corporation (IFC) study about 5 emerging markets, India figured as the country with the worst implementation standards on environmental, governance and social responsibility issues. Other studies also indicated India’s lack of focus on social responsibility, especially among Indian companies.   As a result India created a Corporate Week and launched the […]

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Jan 272010

The non-profit organization B Lab created a new corporate classification for American companies called B Corporation. B Corporation businesses must adopt the stakeholder management model, instead of the usual shareholder model.  Also a B Corporation is committed to:   Consider environmental and social issues on all decisions …  … and reach specific performance goals on these areas  The […]

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Jan 202010

A titanium pigment mine in Madagascar is a case of success in Rio Tinto’s stakeholders engagement strategy. “To Rio Tinto, globalization is an opportunity to combine needs and engage with the communities where we operate. We do acknowledge the importance in hearing, understanding and respecting the beliefs of those that do not understand or share […]

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Jan 192010

Lego, the toy company created in 1932 at Denmark, became one of the most famous toy brands in the world and after many very successful years, by the end of the 90’s almost went bankrupt (even in 2003 Lego was  almost acquired by Mattel). Lego was facing fierce competition from video games and from similar […]

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Jan 182010

Vélib, world’s largest bike open use system, was created in Paris in 2007. With 20 thousand bicycles available in almost 1,500 stations (apart from each other no more then 300 m) it is a case of success of green (ecologically right) public transportation. In its first year 10% of the trips substituted the use of […]

Jan 152010

This year instead of spending US$33 million on a Super Bowl advertising campaign, Pepsi will invest US$20 million on philanthropy through its online social campaign Refresh Project   (alluding to the company motto “Each Pepsi refreshes the world”). Starting on February 1st, visitors of the Refresh Project   website will vote on how Pepsi should […]

Dec 012009

Neste discurso, Jorma Ollila (chairman da Shell e ex-CEO da Nokia) discorre sobre a necessidade de mudanças nos modelos de negócios, governos, mercados e sistemas industriais frente aos impactos da mudança climática e do desenvolvimento populacional na Terra. Ele defende que: É tempo para mudanças no mundo dos negócios. Para exemplificar avanços possíveis menciona brevemente […]

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